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COVID-19 Update

Changes to Merrifield City in accordance with Victorian Government mandates – 17 February 2021

Stage 4 restrictions in accordance with the Victorian Government mandated lock down will end at 11:59am on 17 February. 

This means you’ll see Merrifield City return to its normal COVIDSafe practices. 

Some government mandated restrictions will continue to apply, including face masks, which continue to be required to be worn inside at all times and outdoors when one cannot maintain social distancing (unless one of the usual lawful exemptions applies). 

We have implemented a number of measures that assist us and our community in adhering to this directive including:

  • All centre staff and contractors will be required to wear masks while at work unless they have a valid reason not to.
  • Signage that clearly reminds our community to wear a face mask while visiting the Centre. 
  • Close work with local Police in monitoring our community’s adherence to COVID-19 related restrictions. 

For more details on the current COVID-19 situation in Victoria, please visit: Department of Health and Human Services Victoria | Coronavirus (COVID-19) (

The health and wellbeing of our entire community is our overriding objective and something we take very seriously. For more details on what Merrifield City is doing to help keep you and your loved ones safe during this time, please read the information below. 

Mandatory face covering

If you choose to visit us during this time, please remember that you must wear a face covering at all times when visiting our Centre, unless:

You are under 12

You have a medical condition that prohibits the wearing of a face covering

It’s not practical

For professional reasons.

To help keep our entire community safe, please be sure to bring an appropriate face mask with you the next time you visit Merrifield City.

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